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ZMC at 127th "Yunshang Canton Fair"

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On June 24th, the first "Yunshang Canton Fair", which lasted 10 days, ended successfully. ZMC participated in this cloud exhibition also achieved a perfect ending, and achieved a lot of gains, fruitful results.

The company's live room has ushered in the video connection "cloud tour" of Zhejiang provincial vice governor Zhu Congjiu, Zhejiang Provincial Department of Commerce Sheng Qiuping, deputy director Han Jie, Zhang Shuming and other provincial leaders; Interviews with media such as "Yunshang Canton Fair" and Zhejiang Daily. Leadership care and media attention have injected more gold content into the company's brand, which has further enhanced the company's popularity and reputation.

At the same time, the general manager Sun Jianhua of the Provincial International Trade Group, the deputy general manager Huang Daoling, the chairman of the trade union Shuai Changbin, and the general manager of the Provincial Chinese Medicine Group Ying Chunxiao and other group leaders came to the company's live broadcast booth to visit and guide the host team to cheer for the epidemic prevention The "exhibition of goods on the platform" of the material exhibits greatly inspired the company's confidence and inspired the morale of all employees.

Gathering the strength of all the staff and gathering the wisdom of all people, the successful closing of the Yunshang Canton Fair was due to the hard work of each company partner. Behind the scenes, we are united and united in our heart; a better tomorrow, we hope together and work hard.

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Add:ZMC Building 101-2,N. ZhongShan Road HangZhou,310003,China

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