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Zhejiang Medicines & Health Products I/E Co.,Ltd



Contact:Eric Zhan


Add:ZMC Building 101-2,N. ZhongShan Road HangZhou,310003,China

ZMC-Healthcare, as a division of ZMC Co., Ltd, has set up long term business relation with several hundred manufactures and stable marketing channels in over 70 countries and regions in Asia, Europe, American, Africa and Oceania.

We manufacture and distribute medical products including hospital, EMS market and homecare.
The stable business development for many years has enabled us to accumulate valuable marketing experience and resources and a company culture has gradually been formed.Meantime,we treat our customer, vendor and employee as our core.
Make business reliable and valuable with "Made in China".
At ZMC- Healthcare, promoting customer well-being is a number one priority. This is achieved through the provision of high-quality products with competitive price and friendly service.
ZMC is an innovative company with reliable employer and corporate citizen. We are dedicating to create add-value for our customer and pay serious attention to standard human healthcare.


Contact Us

Add:ZMC Building 101-2,N. ZhongShan Road HangZhou,310003,China

Tel:+86-571-28195981  Fax:+86-571-28938191 

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